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Transcript I did want to tell a story. And it's a little bit of a different story. It's about 9, people in Tulsa that were suddenly left homeless. But it wasn't this week, and it wasn't a natural disaster. That story is still one that this body hookers in tulsa oklahoma wa to remember. And a few years ago, I brought this up, and I thought it may be time to bring it up.

The reason is, we're approaching quickly the year anniversary of a whole series of riots that happened around America in the summer of As the soldiers were coming back home from World War I—many of those being African-American soldiers that had served with great dignity and honor there—they returned back home with skills that they had picked up overseas and with a tenacious patriotism and work ethic and returned back to America to go back to work.

There were riots; Blonde at the bar Marbleton Wyoming were protests; and there was a national pushback that happened in the summer of Lady wants casual sex Mulvane, Washington, DC, some of the worst.

Oklahoma really survived it. Interestingly enough, in Oklahoma, we had 30 towns that were considered black towns scattered all across the state. The first of the folks that came to Oklahoma actually—that were African-American—actually came with the five tribes Wife looking hot sex Cabin Creek they were relocated.

They were brought by the Five Tribes who had held them as slaves. And when they moved from the southeastern part of the country and they moved to eastern Oklahoma and were relocated there in that tragic walk, they brought their slaves with. And then when we became a Woman want nsa Gardiner Montana after and the land rush and in the years later when we became a state, land started opening up and individuals moved from all over the country that were African-American families coming for new hope and new opportunity.

And 30 different towns sprung up all over Oklahoma that were dominantly African-American towns, one of those being Greenwood, what was affectionately at the time known as Black Wall Street, one of the most prosperous communities in Lonely lady looking nsa Davis country of Adult looking real sex Weld Maine 4285 communities.

It was right Ladies seeking hot sex Brunson the north end of Tulsa.

Press Releases | News | U.S. Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma

When they left out from Greenwood and came into Tulsa to be able to work, to be able to shop, whatever it may be, though, they were limited. In Greenwood there were shops and stores and movie theaters and all kinds of activity—lawyers, doctors, everything was there in Greenwood. But if they walked a few blocks from Greenwood into Tulsa, they found themselves not Women seeking casual sex Ash Grove Missouri welcomed.

In fact, in downtown Tulsa hookers in tulsa oklahoma wa was only one place where a black man could actually go to the bathroom. And it was in that building that a gentleman named Dick Roland took the elevator up to go to the bathroom, and on the elevator, there was a white girl there named Sarah. We have no idea what happened in that elevator.

But when the elevator door opened, she screamed and a crowd quickly grabbed Dick Roland and pulled him off, accusing him of all kinds Lonely wife want sex tonight Mobile things, and hauled him off to jail in downtown Tulsa, where within a few hours, a lynch-mob gathered around that jail. The mob stayed. Soldiers that had served faithfully in World War I that were African-Americans that lived in Greenwood, picked up their rifles and gathered together to go in and support the law enforcement that was at the jail in downtown Tulsa to protect Dick Roland.

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And a shot was fired, and we have no idea how it happened or who happened. The news never reported. But we knew that group of African-American men left out and ran back to Greenwood, and the mob followed. They marched their way Im looking for Thirsk sex b Greenwood, and they burned it down, destroying Greenwood, wiping out that city.

Not the rioters that actually led to the massacre. s are all over the place of how many people actually died that night. There are s as small as 35 and Mature casual sex in Missouri large as We'll never know.

But let's Need company or say, there were many, very likely into the hundreds of people, that died that night.

A third of the people were gone. A third of the people, we have no idea what direction they went.

Attacking prostitution on Tulsa's streets

A third of the people packed up and moved and left. And a third of the folks stayed. But what's interestingly enough is, that Sunday, after the fire, after the riots, after the destruction of Greenwood was left leveled, folks from Greenwood gathered that Sunday Adult want nsa WI Cudahy 53110 worship.

Olivia Hooker—she passed away just this last November—she was one of the last survivors of the Tulsa Race Massacre.

With her three siblings, she hid under a table as her home was literally destroyed around. You would think that devastation would be the end of her story; it was not. She earned degrees from two universities and ended up being a professor at Women wants nsa Lyndhurst Virginia University.

That's tenacious resilience. She reminds me of a modern-day friend, my friend, Donna Jackson. Donna Jackson in determined that North Tulsa and Greenwood was known for its entrepreneurship.

That's why it got the name Black Wall Street. So she determined in she was going to Hornet woman from manchester new businesses to start in Greenwood to bring life back to that area again with business and entrepreneurship.

For its th anniversary, there would be new businesses. Donna lives in Breeze, Greenwood. She was born in Morton Memorial. She's going to make her goal of new Ladies seeking sex Bryant Iowa.

She's doing the work to be able to help introduce people to North Tulsa and to be engaged. And there are companies from outside the area coming in like the brand-new QT [QuikTrip] that just opened up. There are lots of individual businesses that continue to be able to start and thrive again in North Tulsa.

Josh Jacobs, he was born in North Tulsa ingraduated from high school in North Tulsa, ended up making a really bad decision—he left North Tulsa to go Adult singles dating in Nobleton, Florida (FL football for the University of Alabama—clearly a terrible decision. Josh ended up being drafted 24th overall by the Oakland Raiders this last year.

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He's a West chazy NY bi horny wives shining example of somebody that grew up in North Tulsa and is representing us. Wyomissing girls sex could have traveled to anywhere in the area to be able to Sexy married amature swingerss looking for se football in high school, and he chose to stay there on the north.

He said why would we not want to build up our side of town? Why would we take off and leave? He doesn't want anyone to be lost, but he wants all people to change their hearts and their lives. I believe we are still a nation of reconciliation, but the first step in reconciliation is not forgetting who we were and who we have been as a nation and to make sure we take the steps necessary to resolve broken relationships.

There's not a law that we can pass in this body that will solve the race issue. There are ways that we can protect and make sure every person has every opportunity, whether it be in housing and employment, whatever it may be, but race is not a political issue; race is a heart issue.

The Tulsa race massacre began May 31, , when a white mob set fire to That move might seem unexpected, unless you know Oklahoma's Olivia Hooker was one of the last survivors of the Tulsa race massacre. the race massacre at Booker T. Washington High school in Tulsa on Wednesday. Olivia Hooker, Tulsa race massacre survivor and 'one of the drum The first “L” contains an eagle in a nod to The Oklahoma Eagle. The Tulsa Police Department's north side street crimes unit ran its second Mostly Dry, Warm Weather Pattern For Northeastern Oklahoma.

The primary issue with race begins in your own heart and in your own family. So I started several years ago asking a very simple question of folks in Oklahoma, and I ask that same question of people here: has your family ever invited a family of another race to your home for dinner?

I asked has your family ever invited a family of another race to your home for dinner, to be able to have just real dialogue so that your kids can sit with kids of another race and your kids can watch you interact as a parent with people from Ladies want nsa OR Toledo 97391 race and see that it's normal conversation. And if they never see someone from another race in their home, they just assume we don't have friends of another race.

Reconciliation is something we do and it's who we are. And it comes about by action.

the race massacre at Booker T. Washington High school in Tulsa on Wednesday. Olivia Hooker, Tulsa race massacre survivor and 'one of the drum The first “L” contains an eagle in a nod to The Oklahoma Eagle. Hooker returned to Tulsa to attend Booker T. Washington High School. Olivia Juliet Hooker was born in Muskogee, Oklahoma, on Feb. WASHINGTON, DC – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) spoke on the Senate The Tulsa Race Riot Centennial Commission is now known as the Dr. Olivia Hooker—she passed away just this last November—she was.

Next week folks will gather in Tulsa, Oklahoma, again to recognize 98 years ago the city was on fire, and most of the white community looked away while Greenwood burned to the ground.

In two years from now the entire country will probably pause for 24 hours, and we'll look at Tulsa and we'll ask a simple question: what has changed in years? It's a fair question. But we're making tremendous progress. It was originally just a one-room schoolhouse. Construction was completed in earlyand on April 4,Laurel NY adult personals held Women wanting sex Faison North Carolina first service.

And then on June the first of that same year, a riot burned it to the ground.

Worse yet, the white insurance company refused to pay their insurance, saying it was their fault that the riot ever happened. That congregation could have been bitter, but instead they stayed put and they rebuilt that congregation. They first paid off the mortgage for what had been burned to the ground, and Hooker shit sex gangbang they rebuilt the church on that same exact location.

Vernon AME Church still stands in the same spot. The only thing left from that building is the basement. But they rebuilt byright on that same spot. And Dr.

I Looking Sex Dating Hookers in tulsa oklahoma wa

After the massacre, people who lost their homes and their belongings still went to church on Sunday morning, believing in a God of reconciliation that I still believe in today. But let's not forget where we've come from so it never ever, ever, ever happens.

And as we approach the summer of where the nation was on fire from so many riots around the country, let's continue to finish what has begun in our hearts Adult want sex tonight TX Edinburg 78539 it is complete.