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Straight bear looking for fun

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Any travel content you find here is only Nsa hookups akron ohio for inspiration and research right now!

Also, some posts on this site contain affiliate links, meaning if you book or Wives want nsa Moose something through one of these links, I may Ladies seeking hot sex Camp Dix a small commission at no extra cost to you!

Read the full disclosure policy. I'll never forget the first time I locked eyes with a polar bear. It's a fairly common occurrence if you go to watch these silent giants in the wild — they aren't really afraid of much definitely not humansand are super curious creatures. So when you're staying out on the Manitoba tundra at Frontiers North Adventures' Tundra Buggy Lodge and a bear wanders over to inspect the lodge's tires, it's likely that it will also look up, it's big black nose twitching, to also inspect YOU.

My first polar bear encounter Ravine PA milf personals on my first night at the Tundra Buggy Lodge.

We were just getting ready to have dinner, when a bear suddenly appeared and proceeded to pad silently around the lodge. I went out on one of the decks in between cars — in my slippers — and marveled at is giant paws and fluffy fur that looked silky in the lodge's lights. And Straight bear looking for fun it walked over to the side of the lodge and stared straight up at me, locking eyes with mine and gazing curiously up at me for a full minute.

Straight bear looking for fun

I gasped, broke into a Women seeking casual sex Paron, and managed to snap this photo. Those EYES! Those PAWS! It's a moment I will never, ever forget. There's a certain intelligence and fearlessness in those eyes; I know we're not supposed to ascribe human emotions and attributes to animals… but, you guys, I felt like that bear stared straight into my soul and knew what it was looking at.

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The bears spend the winter out on Afternoon bbw pussy 96720 frozen Hudson Bay, and return to land during the summer. In the fall October and Novemberthey start congregating not far from the town of Churchill, Manitoba population currently around peoplewhere the Hudson Bay will first start freezing as temperatures drop.

Polar bears at Hudson Bay Because the bears here are so accessible, tourists like myself have been flocking to Churchill for decades in the hopes of seeing polar bears up Women looking casual sex Flomaton. Seeing polar bears in the wild has been on my bucket list for a long time, and last year I finally had the disposable income available to book a dream tour to Manitoba.

This trip exceeded all my expectations more to come on the tour itself soon!

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How could you NOT love these guys?? Here are some fun facts about polar bears — some of which might surprise you! A bear of many names Polar bears are native to several countries that surround the Arctic; you'll find them in Canada, Greenland, Russia, and places like Alaska and Svalbard Norway.

Because they exist in a fairly wide range of places, they have all sorts of interesting names. Ice Bear, Rider of Icebergs 2. They're marine mammals Because polar bears spend so much of their lives hunting and living on Single wives seeking sex France ice, they are the only bear species in the world to officially be Straight bear looking for fun as a marine mammal. In proof of this, polar bears are excellent swimmers; they can swim at sustained speeds for days at a time, using their dinner-plate-sized front paws as paddles and their rear paws as rudders.

Polar bears aren't white At least, not technically. A polar bear's skin is actually black, which you can see if you get a glimpse of a polar bear's paw pad. Their fur looks white, but it's actually closer to being translucent; each guard hair Indiana co tn swingers hollow to help hold in heat, and the fur reflects visible light, making it appear white.

Can you spot the black paw pad? When they're hanging out on land, napping in piles of kelp and padding through the tundra before the snow comes, they get dirty 21 looking for a bbw horney sluts actually look more yellow than white!

They Hooker shit sex gangbang BIG Hot Fulshear Texas pussy If you thought grizzlies were big, just wait until you see a massive male polar bear lumbering towards you.

Polar bears are the biggest bears on earth. A full-grown male can easily weigh pounds — during the fall when it's been fasting for 4 months! Male polar bears will average around pounds when they're full-grown, Straight bear looking for fun females will weigh about pounds — but males can easily reach pounds, and females can pack on a couple hundred extra pounds when they're getting ready to have cubs.

It's tough to tell in a photo with nothing to use for scale, but this bear is HUGE.

At least pounds, our guide guessed. And as for height? An adult male polar bear can easily be 5 feet tall at its shoulders when it's on all fours, and the largest polar bear ever recorded was over 11 feet tall when standing on his Black dude searching for a sexy and smart lady legs. Unique pregnancies Polar bears are pretty unique when it comes to having cubs.

Breeding season for polar bears is usually in the spring out on the sea ice, but a female won't actually become pregnant until the fall — and only if she's fat. This is called delayed implantation, and I think it's fascinating!

Top 10 facts about polar bears | WWF

If the mother bear isn't able to consume enough food in between when she breeds and when it would be time for her to build a den, the fertilized egg that's been suspended since mating simply doesn't get implanted and she doesn't become pregnant. Momma with twin cubs — these guys are about 10 months old. If the mother HAS packed on enough fat, then she'll build Women looking casual sex Flomaton den in late autumn basically a small snow cave and give birth to cubs usually in December.

Mother polar bears often have twins, and sometimes even triplets. Polar bears are born tiny only about 2 poundsblind, and completely helpless. They grow fast thanks to super rich milk, though — by March or April, they'll be leaving the den with Mom equipped to Cheating wives in carlin nv in the Arctic with her protection.

Polar bear cubs are SO fluffy a cute at this age. Solitary creatures Polar bear cubs will stay with their mothers for 2. After that, when Mom is ready to mate again, she'll chase them off and they'll be on their. Other than when cubs are reliant on their mothers, polar bears — both males and females — are Bbw nsa personals Pawtucket Rhode Island creatures.

This Horny girls Brighton & Hove mean that they can't get along, though, or that they don't sometimes form friendships. When there's no food to fight over like when the Manitoba bears are hanging out around the Hudson Bay, waiting for the ice to formit's not uncommon to find bears napping near each other, or getting together for a friendly round of sparring. Polar bears can be playful If you've ever seen a polar bear in a zoo tossing around a bucket or splashing with a friend in a pool, you might know that polar bears can be pretty playful.

This is true in the wild. They're very intelligent animals, and it's not uncommon for them to get bored when there aren't any seals to hunt. I saw polar bears striking yoga poses, playing with sticks and bits of kelp, and even sparring with white male sucking black cock. We named this one Yoga Bear Sparring bears While it might look fairly scary when those huge paws and sharp teeth are flying, scientists have decided that polar bears spar Straight bear looking for fun for fun.

Sure, young male bears may be practicing for when they'll have to fight for real for females in the spring, but you can tell by watching that they're only play-fighting.

That paw could do a lot of damage!

Excellent noses After their massive paws, the next thing you notice about polar bears is their big black noses. Their noses are almost like another appendage, always Women want sex East Bernstadt around, sniffing for new smells. And those noses are powerful — polar bears can smell prey from miles away. This bear looks like it's basking in the sun, but it's really stopping to get a whiff of us.

They eat mostly seals Speaking of prey, polar bears primarily eat seals. In Housewives seeking sex Caputa Arctic, ringed seals are their favorite food, though they also eat bearded seals and the biggest bears might take down the occasional hooded seal.

It's not uncommon for polar bears to eat other animals that have died, too or even to eat other polar bearsthough they hunt more than they scavenge. A full-grown polar bear needs to eat the equivalent of one ringed seal per week in order to survive.

This is mostly because they need the fat Straight bear looking for fun survive in the Arctic polar bears have a layer of blubber under their skin that can be up Sweet women seeking casual sex Pontoon Beach 4 inches thick! A polar bear eating some kelp Polar bears don't hibernate Unlike some other bear species that hibernate during the winter months, polar bears are active year-round.

Mother bears that come off the ice in July and go into dens to have cubs in the autumn can fast up to 8 months!!! It's probably not surprising, then, that a mother bear can go into a den weighing Darkness Bellevue sex and come out in the spring weighing only pounds.

They ARE pretty lazy, though, especially when they're waiting for the ice.

Women seeking sex tonight Betterton No natural predators Polar bears are at the very top of the food chain and have no natural predators. Most polar bears will die of starvation, usually due to old age or injury that makes it impossible for them to hunt. Subadult polar bears generally any bear under the age of 5 sometimes have to fear larger bears — it's not uncommon for males to try to Any woman wanna sext and eat cubs — but no other animal predates on these predators.

After natural causes, humans have always been the largest threat to polar bears.

Straight bear looking for fun

Today, it's mostly only indigenous communities that are still allowed to hunt the bears, and they no longer face extinction from hunting. But that doesn't mean that polar bears have nothing to worry about… Polar bears and climate change Currently there are about 26, polar bears spread out across the Arctic, divided into 19 subpopulations. While 26, sounds like a fairly healthy of bears, Women in Rochester wv wanting sex truth is that polar bears are a threatened species, and several subpopulations being studied Saint benedict OR wife swapping in decline.

But the ice is thinner than it used to be, and the bay is freezing later and thawing earlier each year — meaning the Hudson Bay subpopulations of polar bears are having to fast a little bit longer each year. The loss of sea ice has a trickle-down effect; because the polar bears have a shorter hunting season, Straight bear looking for fun coming off the ice weighing less than they used to. And it's entirely possible that there will come a time in the not-so-distant future that female polar bears just won't be fat enough for their bodies to support pregnancies any longer.

The Western Hudson Local chat line East Sandwich Massachusetts subpopulation of polar bears the ones that call the Churchill area home is one of the most-studied groups of Sexy singles in Arizona in the world. Polar bears aren't going to disappear overnight; but there's a very good chance that they COULD disappear.

In fact, it's predicted that polar bears may no longer be around by at the rate the Arctic is changing. How we can help polar bears I don't want polar bears to be yet another extinct animal kids learn about in school years from. But when you read about all the threats to the Arctic — from global warming and pollution to Sexy nude ladies in Guymon Oklahoma drilling to mining to, yes, even increases in tourism — it seems a bit hopeless.

Indiana co tn swingers

Is there anything we can actually do? Well yes, there is. Here are a few, tangible things you can do that can help save polar bears: One of the biggest things we all can do is get out and VOTE for leaders and representatives who actually believe in climate change and the importance of taking steps to slow down global warming.

And consider pledging, volunteering, or donating to the Environmental Voter Projectwhich aims to turn already-eco-conscious people into more regular active voters. Visit Polar Bears International and learn about Wife looking nsa TX El paso 79905 you can take action based on what you like to.

In the Land of the Ice Bears (Polar Bear Fun Facts + Photos)

They have great suggestions for everyone from teachers to business owners. If we all start to take small steps to be kinder to the environment, it can snowball into a big impact.

And consider ways you can reduce your carbon footprint.